The 30th anniversary of our country's independence has brought together not only the solemnity and honor of those working in the field of education, but also those who created the history of today.  There are many good and important traditions in the history and corporate culture of "Orleu", one of which is the succession of generations, respect for history and respect for those who have made a significant contribution to the development of domestic pedagogy and education.  Today "Orleu-Aktobe" held another solemn event.

  On December 15, in honor of the 30th anniversary of Independence of the country, "Orleu-Aktobe" united several generations of representatives of the advanced training system in Aktobe region.  Veterans of BAI took part in a festive table and a solemn ceremony of awarding anniversary awards.  Memories of veterans are full of life stories that will forever be written in the history of "Orleu-Aktobe" as a value for the strategy of development and education of the younger generation of teachers.

   Despite the distance, the event was attended by veterans who have contributed to the development of professional development for many years.  Many thanks to N.K.Kibataeva and G.O.Mukanova.

  The Department of Education of Aktobe region, the regional trade union committee, the Board of JSC "NCPC”Orleu ", the branch" Orleu-Aktobe "awarded certificates of honor, letters of thanks, flowers and gifts for their contribution to the 30-year history of education and the region.  Welcoming remarks of the Board of JSC "NCPC”Orleu "were delivered by veterans of the Department of" Administrative and Personnel "N.N.Ristanov to veterans, faculty and staff of the branch via online communication, which was important for the team.

  Of course, there were bright memories of people who passed away, but in the history of "Orleu-Aktobe" and in the hearts of their colleagues.  Such meetings are needed.  Such meetings are important.  Our experience has shown that there is nothing more important than communication and respect, support and appreciation.

  Happy holiday, dear veterans and colleagues!  May our common home, Kazakhstan, prosper, and we fill it with human values ​​and goodness!


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 Today I took part in an international conference on a topical social topic - children with autism and developmental delays.  Unfortunately, today we often face the problem of childhood autism syndrome, which is still at the family level.  K. Baimenova, chairwoman of the Union of Paralyzed Citizens of Aktobe, representatives of the Department of Employment and Social Programs of Aktobe region, N. Baltabayevna, chairwoman of the National Association "Autism Kazakhstan", pedagogical psychologists from Italy and Almaty, scientists from Aktobe - "Orleu"  .  Kaplieva and ARSU named after K.Zhubanov - K.  Turebayeva, as well as other officials, paid special attention to this issue.  If we take into account that there are 700 thousand disabled people in the country and the number is growing by 50 thousand every year, then scientific and social projects are needed to address these issues.  There were constructive proposals for the development of specialized schools for children with autism and children with disabilities.  K.  Zhubanov  The proposal to train specialists on the basis of ARSU will be officially submitted for consideration in a pilot project.  Orleu experts are also involved in the development of educational programs for professional development courses focused on the methodology of specialized training and education of teachers.  Legally approved specialists, government agencies, parents, etc.  The tasks of social partnership for an effective dialogue between the parties were discussed.  I believe that any problems with children should be addressed by all social institutions, especially when faced with the growth of mental disorders.  Conference guests are parents of autistic children who contribute to the support of parents and children.  December 3 is designated by the United Nations as the International Day of Persons with Disabilities.  In neighboring Uzbekistan, it is known as the Day of Support for People with Disabilities.  Given the ethical, psychological, emotional and social aspects of this topic, I would like to call this day Care Day.  We wish our colleagues success in promoting projects to support and care for special children!



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 According to the operational plan of the Institute, the regional correspondence professional competition "Effective lesson: an active method and effective success" ended on November 29 of this year.

The main purpose of the competition is to develop the creative activity of certified teachers in all areas of education and ungraded schools in the context of the content of the modernized education system.

 In accordance with the Rules of the Organizing Committee, the competition was held in absentia, more than 60 works from teachers of districts / cities / and ungraded schools were accepted until November 26.  The work of the participants was examined by the decision of the expert commission.

 "Aktobe-Orleu" congratulates the winners!


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       The life of a modern person is inconceivable without an emotional, spiritual and creative component, especially in an era of changes and changes in human values.  Art and music education is capable of preserving our cultural values ​​and spirituality.

 Participants of the Republican workshop on the topic: "ART - technologies in additional education" with the coverage of more than 50 teachers in Aktobe and 80 teachers in the online format have gathered in "Aktobe-Orleu" today.

 The competitive advantages of additional education, in comparison with other types of education, is the development of the student's personality.  Art technologies are widely used precisely for the development of such competencies.

 It is very important that the teachers of the region are in constant search of new ideas and solutions aimed at improving the technologies of additional education.  Art technology is recognized as one of such modern technologies, which is studied and applied at all levels of education as a technology that forms a subject concept and a competence-based picture of the world through the artistic, graphic, creative, presentation embodiment of the knowledge, skills and abilities of students.

 The dialogue platform "Aktobe-Orleu" is always open for cooperation and is ready to exchange experience, so today the experience of a number of teachers of the City Palace of Schoolchildren was summarized, according to the results of their work, they were awarded cash certificates on behalf of the NGO "Local Trade Union of Educational Workers of Aktobe Region and St.  Aktobe ", we express our gratitude for the support of creatively working teachers.  We would like to express our gratitude to the directors of the "Orleu" branches of the Kyzylorda and Mangistau regions, Kalieva E.I,Eleusinova B.T,and to all teachers and participants!



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On November 26 of this year, the Commission on Women Affairs and Family and Demographic Policy under the regional akim, together with "Aktobe- Orleu" organized a training seminar - clarification on the reduction and elimination of the facts of domestic violence by providing information on the prevention of violence against teachers, women and children within the framework of the international action "16 days against violence".

 At the seminar, the secretary of the commission on women's affairs and family and demographic policy under the akim of the region D. B. Tynymkulova, senior inspector of the juvenile police group of the local police service department of the police department of the Aktobe region police captain A. Marzakenova, director of the Malika Crisis Center for Victims of Domestic Violence D. Karabalina.  in their speeches, they focused the attention of the participants on the intensification of the struggle to prevent and eliminate violence, as well as the importance of issues of interaction of relations in the family.

 At the end of the work, the moderator of the seminar A.K.  Kaplieva Head of Department  Institute, conducted a reflection.  The participants of the seminar shared their views on the issues raised and supported the action.



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